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Module 2: Shape, Colour and Vibration
Crystals and gems come in many shapes, sizes and colours. And if that isn't enough, man has found ways of putting his own stamp on some of nature's toughest inhabitants by carving and polishing them.
Module 3: Preparing Your Crystals
Before you jump in and apply your crystals, it is best to make sure you are using cleansed and programmed tools for the job!
Module 4: Applying your Crystals
Now that you have programmed your crystals for their purpose, it is time to put them to work!
Module 5: Summary
This is what you've learned!
Crystals & Gems – A Beginner’s Guide
About Lesson

What are the basic differences between crystals and gemstones (also referred to as semi-precious stones).

How does it work? Why do we use them for healing? In this video we go through some basics about the properties and effects of crystals.

Your course materials are also attached to this lecture, along with a list of toxic, poisonous and stones that are sensitive to certain elements. Both these resources are in PDF format.

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