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Introducing myself and taking a look at what you will learn.
What are Chakras
You've heard about auras and chakras. But what are they? How do they come to exist and why is it so important to work with them?
Causes of Imbalance
What causes imbalances in our chakras, and should we refer to it as "blockages"?
How to Manage your Chakras
Managing your Chakras are as simple as counting the days of the week! Here are 2 ways you can work with all the Chakras to keep them balanced. Let's dive into the methods you can apply to balance your energy system.
Methods for Managing your Chakras
There are so many ways with which you can connect to each chakra. Here are a selection of popular ways that will help you to consciously connect with each chakra.
Let's sum it all up!
Managing Your Chakras
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A few adjustments in our perceptions may help to negate imbalances in our energy system.

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