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Module 1: Introduction
Meet your presenter and see what's in store for you in this course.
Module 2: The Earth Star Chakra
Meet your Earth Star chakra - a sub-personal chakra that does more than just keep you grounded.
Module 3: The Base Chakra
The Base Chakra has shifted its vibration. Learn what the shift means for you.
Module 4: The Sacral Chakra
Learn what the shift in consciousness means for your Sacral chakra.
Module 5: The Navel Chakra
Not to be confused with the Solar Plexus, the Navel performs a very important task.
Module 6: The Solar Plexus Chakra
The centre of our self-esteem and self-confidence is now ready for you to upgrade.
Module 7: The Heart Chakra
The centre of our Being now embodies the accumulated experiences of all our incarnations.
Module 8: The Throat Chakra
How do we express ourselves in the 5th Dimension?
Module 9: The Brow Chakra
Being Spiritual doesn't just mean being psychic. What other functions does this chakra perform?
Module 10: The Crown Chakra
We are now ready to receive direct and clear messages from Spirit through our Crown's ascended connection.
Module 11: The Causal Chakra
Meet your first trans-personal chakra: the Causal!
Module 12: The Soul Star Chakra
A beautiful chakra that transmutes karma, the Soul Star is the next trans-personal chakra that we get to meet on this journey
Module 13: The Stellar Gateway Chakra
The last perceptible chakra in the new system connects us to the All-that-Is.
Module 14: Working with All the Chakras
A simple method for creating balance through ALL the chakras.
Module 15: Summary
What did we learn, and how can you apply it going forward?
The 12 Ascension Chakras
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We have been working with 7 chakras for centuries. Why do we now have to work with TWELVE?

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