Attracting Fairies from the Elemental Realms

Categories: Esoteric Practices
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About Course

Many people today love the idea of unicorns, dragons and enchanting little pixie-like girls with wings. Then there are others who feel that these creatures are fanciful and the sign of a lunatic mind who has lost connection with reality.

What do YOU believe?

In my opinion, and contrary to popular belief, the Fae never left us. It is us who have unknowingly severed our connection by fixating on technology, money and material pursuits.

Our planet is undergoing a major shift in consciousness. Humanity is being blamed for global warming and we squander our resources like gluttons at a free-for-all feast.

In this course I will help you re-establish your connection with these enchanted beings.

They are here to help us reconnect with Nature, cleaning up our nasty mess and balancing our energy systems.

You will learn the 4 main classifications of the Elemental Beings, how and where to find them as well as how to attract them. There is a lesson on what will actually attract and appease them, their favourite foods and drink and some suggestions on crystals as well.

I will also make suggestions on how to accommodate them in your space.

There is a downloadable meditation you can use to connect with them on the inner plains, and also a craft project that you can try in your effort to welcome these beings into your space.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand who and what are the Fairies
  • Know where to look for evidence of their presence
  • Learn how to connect with the Fairy Realms
  • Understand some of the most basic Western classifications or types of Fairy beings
  • Learn how to open yourself to their presence
  • Find some inspiration on how to create a space or shrine to honour the Elementals
  • Learn how to make a fairy door as a portal into your own space

Course Content

Get to know me and how I came to work with the Fairy Realms

Who are the Fairies
Gain a better understanding of the Beings that are often referred to as "Fairies"

Major Classifications
Recognise the major classifications of various elemental Beings

Attracting and Connecting
Learn how to recognise the evidence of Fairy presence, and how to respectfully connect with them

Project: Making a Fairy Door
Learn how to set up an Elemental Shrine and build a tiny fairy door

Final Thoughts
What have you learned, and how will this impact your life?

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