Become an Instructor on YOUniversity

Become an instructor on YOUniversity and sell your e-learning courses

Becoming an instructor on YOUniversity and selling your e-learning courses is an exciting journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Benefits for Instructors hosting your courses on YOUniversity

YOUniversity lets you experience the best of e-Learning. With a minimalistic and uniform design, YOUniversity gives you the best user experience that is easy on the eyes and also easy to use. YOUniversity is made to be mobile-friendly so everyone across all devices can enjoy learning.

YOUniversity is for South Africans only, and available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.

Here are some of YOUniversity’s most notable features:

🏗️ Frontend Course Builder
📚 Unlimited Courses and Lessons
👁️ Course Preview
🧩 Intuitive Advance Course Builder
📊 Frontend Student Dashboard
📌 Personalized Dashboard for Each Roles (Admins, Instructors, Students)
📽️ Video lessons
📹 Multiple video sources (Vimeo, YouTube & Cloud-based)
👩‍🏫 Separate Instructor profiles
📝 Lesson management
🏆 Dynamic drag and drop certificate builder
🧩 Advanced Quiz builder (Multiple quiz types)
💰 Local course payments by Payfast
💸 Easy withdrawal to SA bank account
📜 Purchase history
🎨 Styling options
📊 Course widget
📝 Instructor registration form
⭐ Course review and rating system
❓ Q&A for students with the Instructor
🎥 Video poster (trailer/teaser)
🚀 Tracking course progress
🌟 Course difficulty level
⏳ Define course duration
🌐 Course marketplace
📋 Add course requirements and instruction
⏱️ Quiz Timer
📝 Quiz Attempts
💳 Centralized monetization settings
🔐 Content security
📈 Advanced analytics
📅 Content Drip
🔔 Automated Notifications
🎓 Course Bundles
👩‍🏫 Multi-Instructor System
👤 Manage Active Login Sessions
📧 Email Verification
🌐 Multiple Language Support

Top e-learning features overview

1. Intuitive front-end course builder

Create quality courses with modules and lessons that can contain videos, attachments, excerpts, additional data, the benefit of the course, requirement, topic, summary and announcements.

2. Advanced quiz builder

There are over 10 question types that you can choose from. Create questions by defining question type (True/False, Multiple Choice, Single Choice), marks for each question (if answered right), answer type, descriptions, and answer hints for the students to attempt the right answer. Set a time limit and restrict the number of attempts.

3. Multimedia attachments

Engage your students by uploading multimedia lessons in versatile video sources such as Vimeo, YouTube and cloud storage. Include all the class materials in PDF, Word, etc. formats as attachments for students to download.

4. Student questions and answers (Q&A)

Students can submit questions about courses before enrolling from their respective profiles and ask questions during the course. This useful feature encourages student interactions and helps boost conversion rates.

5. Email and browser push notifications

The Advanced Notification System in YOUniversity send automated emails and push notifications to students. Notifications can be sent out for key events such as new assignments, quiz reminders, content updates, enrollment confirmation, course completion, and more.

6. Purchase history

Keep track of all your course purchases using the purchase history in the Instructor dashboard. Check the purchase status, amount, and date of purchase.

7. Easy withdrawal

Easily view all the withdrawal information from your Instructor dashboard displaying current balance, pending, completed, and rejected withdrawal stats.

8. Video content security

You have a secure learning management system when creating your online courses. Your videos are not hosted by YOUniversity, but on your Vimeo, Youtube or Cloud accounts. Third parties cannot view the videos with the URL, and right-clicking on YOUniversity’s site is disbaled to prevent content copying. It ensures that only enrolled students can have access to courses.

9. Multiple instructors

Add as many instructors as you want to individual courses. Enhance the course experience of students by having the option to have a great lineup of teachers.

10. Create and sell course bundles

You can combine multiple courses together into a packaged Course Bundle. You can bundle related courses to offer students a complete learning program. You can add any number of courses to a bundle to cover a varied range of topics for students. Course Bundles are a great way to provide bundles of curated content to students at a discounted bundle price.

11. Create personalised certificates

With the Certificate Builder in YOUniversity, you can create and award customized completion certificates to students. You can use pre-made templates or design new certificates completely from scratch. Instructors can also showcase certificates on their course details pages, providing certificate previews to prospective students.

12. Live video sessions

Integrate your Google Classroom, Google Meet or Zoom accounts in YOUniversity to have live sessions with your students.

13. Powerful reports

Get powerful stats for a complete analysis of which courses are performing great with students and judge individual course popularity.

14. Assignments

Create assignments that students can submit and be graded on.

15. In-depth student progress tracking

Robust grade tracking with weighted grading categories, attendance tracking, exporting options, and more for in-depth analysis.

You’re only a few steps away from becoming an official YOUniversity instructor! Click HERE to get started as an Instructor on YOUniversity.

If you have any questions about teaching on YOUniversity, check out our FAQ section.