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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, subscribing to YOUniversity as a Learner is free, however, most courses will be paid for. This encourages experienced Instructors to share their knowledge.

YOUniversity does not issue certificates, but allows experiences Instructors to host quality courses, who are responsible for issuing certificates at their discretion.

YOUniversity courses can be viewed on Desktop PCs, Macbooks, tablets and mobile phones. To protect Instructor content courses cannot be downloaded. You will need an internet connection to view courses.

YOUniversity celebrates South Africa’s cultural diversity, and allow Instructors to create courses in any language they choose. Additionally, our website pages currently translate into 4 languages; English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu. Look for the language icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to select your preferred language. Please note that we don’t translate courses. 

YOUniversity uses Payfast to process payments. Payfast supports a wide range of payment methods, including cards (Visa and Mastercard), Instant EFT (bank transfers), Zapper, SnapScan, Scan to Pay, MoreTyme (Tyme Bank’s Buy Now offering, Pay Later offering), Capitec Pay and Mobicred.

Simply register as a Student, then apply to become an Instructor from your Dashboard. We’ll review your application and let you know if your application has been successful. Click HERE for more information.

At YOUniversity we’re all about creating a positive and respectful learning space. We respect instructors’ creativity, giving you the freedom to shape your courses. But, it’s important that your courses follow our Course Content Guidelines.

Becoming an instructor on YOUniversity is an exciting journey, and our mission is to help you share your knowledge. Click HERE for the steps required to create and upload your courses.

Instructors are paid 60% of the net revenue received by YOUniversity when student buy your courses. This percentage rivals some of the best e-Learning sites, and goes to providing and maintaining this site. Our aim is to empower our Instructors, and provide education that’s within everyone’s reach. Watch out for promotions that may increase the amount of revenue share. Click HERE for more information.

Our policy is for Instructor to follow our Course Content Guidelines while planning your courses. You must also carry out a Course Quality Self-assessment when you create your courses to make sure you follow our Audio and Video Quality Standards. When you upload a course for approval, we’ll check if you’ve followed our standards. Not meeting these standards may result in your uploads being rejected.

Protecting the intellectual property of our Instructors is very important to us. To prevent content from being copied and used elsewhere, YOUniversity does not host videos on this platform. Instructors can choose between hosting their videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Web Services or Bunny.net and linking to them in the Course Builder. Additionally, right-clicking has been disabled in YOUniversity to prevent text and images from being copied. Hotlinking has also been disabled to prevent other websites from linking directly to content on YOUniversity.

Shoot your videos in at least 720p (HD), but preferably in 1080p (Full HD) resolution. If possible, aim for 4K (Ultra HD) for future-proofing your content.


Suggested devices:


  • Entry-level: Smartphone with a good camera (e.g., iPhone, Samsung Galaxy)
  • Mid-range: HD Webcam (e.g., Logitech C920); Action Camera (e.g., GoPro); DSLR or Mirrorless camera (e.g., Canon EOS M50, Sony Alpha a6400)
  • Pro-level: Cinema cameras (e.g., Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, RED Komodo)


While the audio from you phone, webcam or camera my be good enough, we recommend Investing in an external microphone to improve audio clarity. A lavalier or shotgun microphone is a great starting point.


Suggested devices:


  • Entry-level: Lavalier microphone (e.g., PULUZ Wireless Lavalier, Rode SmartLav+)
  • Mid-range: Shotgun microphone (e.g., Audio-Technica AT875R)
  • Pro-level: XLR microphones (e.g., Shure SM7B, Rode NTG-3)


Make sure you meet our Course Quality Standards before starting to create your content. Not meeting these standards may result in your uploads being rejected.

YOUnity is our Social Media Platform that allows Learners to chat to each other and share ideas & opinions. Instructors can also link their courses to specific YOUnity Groups. Groups can be made Public, Private or Hidden depending on its use.

YOU+ is our Premium Subscription Plan that will be launching in 2024. Instructors and Businesses can subscribe to YOU+ and host courses that will only be accessible to Learners that are given access. The can vary from a Yoga Teacher selling weekly or monthly subscriptions to students, to businesses hosting internal training on YOUniversity. Contact Us to discuss pricing options.