Instructor Payment on YOUniversity

Not only are you sharing your knowledge and wisdom with fellow South Africans on YOUniversity, but you’re earning money doing so! It takes some upfront work planning, creating and uploading your courses, but once done, you can sit back and watch your income grow!

Revenue Sharing with YOUniversity

When a student purchases your content, we calculate the Gross Amount as the total received by YOUniversity from the student. From this, we deduct a 3% service and processing fee. This gives us the Net Amount.

Your revenue share will be 60% of the Net Amount, minus any applicable deductions such as student refunds. If we ever change this payment rate, we’ll give you a 30-day notice, which will be by email or notices on our Services.

You’re able to create discount codes to promote your courses. This does not have any effect on the revenue sharing. You’ll still receive 60% of the Net Amount.

YOUniversity processes all instructor payments in South African Rand (ZAR), Your revenue report will show the sales price in ZAR.

We have a promotion until the end of 2023 that increases your revenue share to 80% of the Net Amount of your content sales.

Setting Prices

When you upload your course onto YOUniversity, we ask you to select either Public (Free) or Paid. If it’s a paid course, you have to set your own price based on what you decide it’s worth. It’s a good idea to compare prices of similar courses on other platforms.

Instructor Coupons and Course Referral Links

To promote your courses, YOUniversity lets you create coupon codes and referral links to offer discounts. This does not have any effect on the revenue sharing. You’ll still receive 60% of the Net Amount after the coupon code has been applied. It’s a straightforward way to earn!

Receiving Payments

You need a minimum balance of R1,000.00 in your account before you can request a withdrawal. You’ll receive your payment within 30 days of requesting a Withdrawal from your Dashboard.

To ensure you get paid on time, you need a South African bank account (for South African residents) in good standing. Keep your email address associated with your account up to date. You might need to provide some identifying information or tax documents for payments, and we may withhold taxes as required. If we don’t get the necessary info from you, we might have to hold payments or impose penalties. Remember, you’re responsible for your income taxes.


Fairness is crucial, so students have the right to request refunds as outlined in the YOUniversity Terms of Use. Instructors won’t receive any revenue from transactions where refunds are granted.

If a refund comes up after we’ve already sent your instructor payment, we might handle it by either (1) deducting the refund amount from your next payment or (2) asking you to refund the students directly if there are no future payments due to you or if your payments can’t cover the refunds. We aim to keep things fair for everyone!

If you have any questions about teaching on Youniversity, check out our FAQ section. We’re always here to support you on your journey to becoming a successful instructor! Happy teaching!