Healthy Heart Remedy

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About Course

The human heart is a marvel of evolution, designed to pump oxygen-rich blood to all organs. This course  underlines the importance of taking care of one’s heart to avoid the need for transplants, despite modern medical advancements. In a lifetime, the heart pumps enough blood to fill three super fuel tanker ships, showcasing its incredible power and efficiency. This course teaches you how to prioritize heart health through proper care, nourishment, and protection.

What Will You Learn?

  • What is a Heart Attack or Myocardial Infarction
  • Causes and Symptoms of Heart Attack
  • Recognizing Symptoms of Heart Attack
  • Diagnosis and Immediate Care for Heart Attack
  • What to Do Before Help Arrives
  • Risk Factors for Heart Disease
  • Lifestyle Choices for a Strong Healthy Heart
  • Environmental Factors in Heart Health
  • Remedies for a Healthy Heart
  • Benefits of Organic Foods
  • Meditative Cures and Mindfulness
  • Superfoods for Heart Health

Course Content

Healthy Heart Remedy

  • What is Heart Attack?
  • Complications of a Heart Attack
  • Emergency Care
  • Risk Factors for Heart Disease
  • Lifestyle Choices for a Strong Healthy Heart
  • Remedies for a Healthy Heart
  • Conclusion

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