Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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About Course

Feeling like a fraud and that you’re not qualified enough to teach, share, or share your accomplishments with others? Do you constantly doubt your abilities and are worried people will “find out” you got “lucky” in achieving success? You may be suffering from imposter syndrome, and you’re not alone. About 70% of people experience imposter syndrome sometime in their life. If you want to learn more about imposter syndrome and how to overcome it, this course is for you.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding imposter syndrome
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome
  • How to recognize imposter syndrome in children
  • The easiest ways to manage imposter syndrome
  • How to be kinder to yourself
  • Why you should work on yourself
  • Why you should abandon perfectionism
  • Knowing when your work is good enough
  • Learning not to rely on criticism
  • Understanding your value at work
  • Why you should track all your success
  • Redefining success for yourself

Course Content

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  • 3 Surprising Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome
  • 3 Ways Imposter Syndrome Can Impact Your Career
  • 5 Different Types Of Imposter Syndrome
  • 5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Fail
  • 5 Ways To Boost Self Confidence At Work Today
  • 10 Tips For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • How Imposter Syndrome Is Holding You Back In Your Career
  • How To Break The Cycle Of Doubt At Work
  • Understanding The Relationship Between Imposter Syndrome And Self-confidence

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