Emotional Intelligence

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About Course

This course will teach you how to improve your Emotional intelligence. Coined in 1964 by Michael Beldock and popularized by Daniel Goleman in 1995, it’s a crucial aspect of social leadership. It involves perceiving emotions, utilizing them to your advantage, understanding others’ emotions, and managing your own emotions. Despite its seeming simplicity, emotional intelligence comprises essential components that warrant deeper exploration for personal growth and successful social interactions.

What Will You Learn?

  • Definition of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Awareness and Understanding
  • Being Emotionally Honest with Yourself
  • Clear Communication of Emotions
  • Rational Decision-Making
  • The Ability Model for Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Own Emotions vs Others
  • Separating Thoughts from Emotional States
  • Analysing Stimuli and Emotional Responses
  • Avoiding Victim Narratives

Course Content

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Awareness and Emotional Understanding
  • Emotional Control and Empathy
  • The Ability Model for Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding the Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
  • Improving Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Becoming a Better Judge of Others’ Emotions
  • Using Your EI for Better Overall Performance
  • Using EI to Understand Situations Better
  • Managing Your Emotional Smarts Like a Champ

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