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The video discusses the advanced methods of birth control used by ancient Egyptians. One method involved using crocodile dung mixed with fermented dough to block sperm from reaching the uterus. The alkaline nature of the dung may have killed sperm, although it is difficult to find participants willing to test this out. Another method involved using acacia fruit mixed with honey and ground dates to create a paste that acted as a spermicide. The ancient Egyptians also consumed handmade pills from ground pomegranates, which contained natural estrogenic to prevent ovulation.


Men in ancient Egypt also took measures to prevent birth by using the first condoms made from fine linens soaked in olive oil or from the intestinal membranes of sheep. Interestingly, lamb skin condoms are still popular today. The ancient Egyptians even had accurate methods to test for pregnancy, such as women urinating on a barley plant and observing its growth.


Overall, the video highlights how ancient cultures like the Egyptians have influenced modern birth control methods. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the history and origins of contraception practices.